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Care Instructions

How to care for your embroidered artwork

All pieces are handmade therefore you should expect that no two are exactly the same, that’s what makes each piece unique and special!

Wall hangings must be kept out of direct sunlight & may only be cleaned with an air duster.

Hand embroidered hats, bags, thrifted clothing etc may be hand washed with cold water & air dried only.

Small accessories such as pins, bookmarks, earrings, necklaces etc should not get wet. Keep jewellery away from perfumes, oils, or other self care products & do not wear in water. Please dry immediately to avoid rust forming on the piece. 

All embroidery pieces should not be pulled/tugged/rubbed as this can cause damage/disfiguration to the piece. All of the pieces I create are artwork & should be treated with care to extend it's life with you.

In the case that something becomes damaged & you are unable to fix the issue on your own, please email I offer free repairs on any item within the first year of purchase. Buyers must pay return shipping.