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Custom Orders

Interested in getting your own custom made embroidery? Keep reading!

I currently offer the following custom pieces:
  • Custom Landscape Hoop
  • Custom Necklaces (Email/DM on twitter for more info)
  • Custom Hats/Bags/Etc. (Email/DM on twitter for more info)


    Custom Landscape Hoop:

    • 3.5 x 3.5 Inches - $460
    • 4.5 x 4.5 Inches - $590
    • 5.5 x 5.5 Inches -  $720

    Custom Landscape Hoop

    A custom landscape hoop, completely one of a kind. Lovingly hand embroidered to create a unique gift & a beautiful keepsake, which can be hung on the wall or stood up on a shelf!

    Custom landscapes can be based off of a photo you have taken or an idea you have, of course having a reference picture will make the process quicker & easier but it is not required. 

    • If you do not have a photo yourself, you may find a photograph online. However, you must contact the original photographer/owner of that image and ask for their permission to have it recreated through a piece of art you are paying for. Please understand I will not accept photographs found through Pinterest/Google etc (without consent from the original owner).

    It is important to note that when you are ordering a custom landscape from me, I will always strive to create a piece you love! However, I do have my own artistic style which will be present in all pieces. So ensure you are happy with what you see below, as refunds/cancellations are not accepted.

    How it works:

    • Please contact me via email ( or DM through twitter and provide the following information:
      • Your name & email (incase we lose contact through twitter)
      • Which type of custom you're hoping to have made such as:
        • Landscape
        • House Portrait
        • Cap/Bag/Necklace etc.
      • Include a short description & preferably a picture of your idea. Please include any important notes here such as:
        • some details that must be included in the embroidery
        • adding in something that isn't visible in the picture e.g. sky colours, clouds, small details
          • (you can also include reference photos for these things, which may be from Google/Pinterest etc, as they will be used for inspiration & not directly copied)
    • After I have received your email/DM, I will assess whether It will be possible for me to bring your idea to life through embroidery. I will also tell you what dates I currently have available to create your piece, your specified date will only be reserved for 24 hours and that date will only be secured after you have placed an order through my website. After 24 hours if you have not placed your order, you must contact me again and reconfirm a date.
      • There are certain situations where I may have to decline your custom due to limitations of my skill, though unlikely.
    • I will then give you the go ahead to place an order through my website, you can find the listing here. After ordering please send an email/DM to me with your order number.
      • (Please do NOT place an order through my website for a custom if we have not communicated beforehand, your order will be refunded minus any charges I incur).
    • Only after the full amount has been paid I will begin the process of creating your custom embroidery.
      • Firstly I will create a digital outlined layout sketch for your piece:
        • Here you will see the layout of your piece, placement of details, what will and will not be included on the final piece.
        • We will have an opportunity here to make any changes that may be nessessary & a new sketch will be sent.
      • After we agree and finalize the digital outlined layout sketch, I will then begin the embroidery.
        • I will post work in progress pictures on social media, however if it is a gift for someone please let me know in advance & I will only post pictures after the gift has been received.
    • Once the embroidery is finished I will send you some pictures, then your order will be shipped out, wrapped in tissue paper & twine, protected in bubble wrap & a sturdy box.
      • Please note that you may ask for changes to be made after the embroidery is complete, however this will be charged seperately if deemed necessary.

    Reference Picture & Finished Embroidery: Examples






    *Some of the pictures shown are examples of what type of custom landscape can be made, however they do not reflect my current skill level.

    *Do not purchase the custom landscape listing without first reading through this customs page in it's entirety & having communicated/got the go ahead from me to order.

    *Turn around time will depend on the selected date you have been given via email/DM, the 4-10 business day processing time does not apply to your order.

    *Discount codes/coupons may NOT be used when purchasing a custom order. You will be refunded if you attempt to use one & requried to reorder.